Do you know the pain of being a Single Parent?

There’s a lot of parental pain out there. Just back after day’s driving to pick something up, and hopped online. I don’t usually spend a lot of time reading posts on here as there are just so many, but tonight I’ve read half a dozen.

It struck me that everyone is having such a crap time. Sure, there are plenty, as usual, about ex’s doing the wrong thing. But there’s more than that here.

There are matters of the heart – and mind.

Such loneliness. Such regret. Such pessimism. Uncertain futures. Unrequited love. Financial instability. Deteriorating health. Impending homelessness. Pain.

But one thing constantly shines through. 

The pure joy we receive from the ones we do this for. Our children. It is they who have strength, genuine unconditional love, and a worldview perhaps not yet tainted by the turmoil in our lives. They give us this love and strength not because they have to, but because they want to. In fact, they don’t even think that far – they just do it. Sure, they can do annoying, maybe even horrid things, to us and others – but rarely.

Our demographic group probably experiences more intense, deeply personal suffering than most. But many of us spend a great deal more time in the company of our little loved ones than most. Yay for us!!!

ps, I’m not actually all that cheery. Life kinda sucks.

I won’t bore you with my own life situation. I’m writing a book to cover that! But right now?

I broke my toe playing soccer with my son last week. Tomorrow my little man is going in for his first operation – relatively straightforward but still a general and painful recovery. And then he’s going in for MRI’s on his knees because of pain. Turns out he has a disease that has cut blood supply to a large part of his knee bone. One probably just needs immobilising for now, but the other is serious and needs full, open surgery, with a lengthy rehabilitation. He’s only a young teen. Plays soccer day and night in between playing the drums which he is truly gifted at.

I wish I could take all of it, any of it away from him. I know that there are of course many, including I am sure some from this group, who have kids with worse health issues. It just sucks. He doesn’t deserve this. He is an adorable lad.

My son. I must be strong for him, and I will be – but deep down I am tearing myself apart…..I love him so much.

(From a Facebook post)

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