On writing ‘101 things Dad’s should teach their children.’ Coming soon – but it got me thinking…

101 Things Dad’s should teach their children. Coming soon – but it got me thinking…

I’m writing a list of things that Dad’s should teach their kids, and it’s a lengthy list. Along the way, I’ve found myself effectively writing ‘memes’, or rules for living. It’s been quite profound. It’s good stuff.

Like old me trying to teach young me, but I really don’t think I’ll listen. Too late anyway.

Would a child listen because I AM their Dad, NOT listen because I AM their Dad, or choose regardless of who the hell I AM?

This is one I am sure I made up, but as with most things I probably got it from someone else. It’s one of my faves, and I try to live my life with this in mind these days. I have learned this from experience:

“If it ‘feels’ wrong, it probably is.”

The thing is, you have to be in tune with how your gut feels. Instead of your head or your heart. I was taught right from wrong constantly as I grew up, so maybe if you didn’t have this, it’s more difficult. But I think most people feel ‘bad’ if they do something wrong. I believe in people, I think they are inherently good.

It’s unfortunate that some people seem to be able to bypass this intuitive feeling and go ahead with the bad anyway. Like absent Dad’s. I realise that few things are straightforward. We’ll open that can of worms another time.

Perhaps equally important, is this pearl of wisdom I will include:

“Everyone must poo. Ensure you finish yours. Wipe your bum thoroughly. Check. Flush, wash and dry hands. Look in the mirror, how’s your hair? Leave. In that order.”

Words to live by? See, it’s a meme.

I’ll keep writing, although these lists are getting big.

Writing takes so much time, which I am finding frustrating. By the time I take care of my son and I and live our lives, the time needed for writing shrinks fast. The window of opportunity is invariably late at night, when I am under pressure to get to bed, and I’m tired. It doesn’t help that I want to edit and ensure it sounds half decent. Hence the sporadic posts.

I realise that this post is a bit disjointed. It’s about writing, teaching, rules, discipline, poo, and how we live life. The list I’m trying to write is about what I as a Dad should teach, but has morphed into rules for living. Two lists then? Bear with me, please.

What things do you think Dad's should teach their children?

rules (1) - Copy

Do you have a list of rules in your family? 
Does anyone actually follow them? 
How did you come up with them? 
How do you 'enforce' them?

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