Taxi / cabbie strands family in Sydney.

Little wonder the taxi industry is dying, when a cabbie strands a family of 4 in Sydney.

Sydney cabbies – you suck! I know there are some very good people driving our cabs, and that the industry is facing the costs of major disruption, but there are some complete dickheads driving cabs. No wonder the likes of Uber eat you alive.

Last night I was waiting to greet a friend and family (Mum, Dad, 5yo son & 1yo baby) who were travelling from the airport, having just flown for 20+ hours. They had a lot of luggage as they are here for 4 months for the Dad’s work.

Gimme Uber anytime!

First, their phone didn’t work here as planned. The cabbie refused to let them use his phone to call me, and wouldn’t call me himself to let me know they were coming or if lost.

Second, the cabbie reckons he couldn’t locate the address (everyone else can!), so he ditched them 3 blocks away. They don’t know the area, have never been to Sydney, and by now it was past midnight on a Saturday in suburbia. With no torch, no trolley, no phone, no sleep, a tired and cranky child and baby, and far too much luggage to lug around while searching, this poor family had to wander the streets looking for the address. They were so late that I searched and eventually found them, still a long way away, and helped them lug to their accommodation.

They were in remarkably good spirits considering – quite happy to see me, but first impressions of Sydney weren’t good. Terrible if you ask me.

Way to go cabbie. Arsehole. Gimme Uber anytime.

Yet another reason to leave our once wonderful Sydney?

I've seen a few articles lately on how Sydney is no longer people friendly.
With nightlife gone, infrastructure and property developments everywhere (more money for the wealthy), rent affordability and property ownership beyond the reach of most, a government that propogates all of this (money for their jobs), and working parents not seeing their children because of a 4 hour daily commute just to work to live it time to leave you Sydney? Sydney, you are now a city for cars, construction firms and property developers - not humans. I used to love you, but I wonder if it's over now.


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