Celebrate the women in your world.

It’s International Women’s Day.

The women in our world deserve our constant gratitude and recognition. Let’s celebrate them every day.

A lot of time will be spent applauding great achievers and leaders, and rightly so. But here’s to all the ordinary unrecognised women doing extraordinary things!

The media will laud female celebrities, some of whom may indeed be exceptional human beings. We live in a cult of personality (nods head to Living Colour), where sheer fame equates to success in much of the population. It’s a sad indictment of our society when children now reply to the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ with the sincere answer: ‘Famous’.

Here’s to the women politicians, sports stars, actors, singers, models, philanthropists and women’s rights activists in the spotlight that will be celebrated today. Many of your achievements I’m sure are truly remarkable.

For me though, it’s the far less publicised women who are the real stars. The ones who achieve miraculous results, big and small, day upon day. Some are Mum’s, some are not, most are inspirational.

As a Dad, I see Mum’s of all types working themselves to the bone maintaining the wellbeing of their loved ones. Working Mum’s carrying the load of career, home, and children. Stay at home Mum’s doing the same. Single Mum’s, Mum’s with Mum’s and Mum’s with Men. Achieving so much every day for little to no monetary reward, and certainly no external appreciation.

Hopefully, us Dad’s, present in their lives or not, recognise and celebrate from time to time the incredible job the important women in our lives do. Wives, partners, daughters, mothers, family, colleagues, friends……

Many women go above and beyond – volunteering, caring for others, being active in various organisations. All this, plus their own pursuits and personal achievements. With the grace and composure, empathy and steel, and the love that only a woman can emanate.

How do they do it?!?! They’re Women, and Dad’s often love them.
Probably not often enough.
Here’s to you, females of our world.


I have so many women to be grateful to, for so many things. I'm lucky enough to have my one incredible female partner who I try to openly appreciate often. But I need to lift my game and show my gratitude to others. I sincerely hope any males reading this think long and hard about the role women in their lives play, and just how important they are.

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