Go Plant A Tree. Now.

Tree Planting

Dad’s have an obligation to ensure that our children have the safest, most livable and sustainable future.

I don’t know about you, but as I age, I find myself becoming increasingly selfless. The nice thing is I’m not even trying. Maybe it’s a wonderful side effect of the way Dadhood requires me to be selfless as a way of life when it comes to my child.

Regardless, the idea of taking some kind of action that will result in a benefit for others, and will likely take beyond my remaining years to be of any use, is really appealing. Don’t get me wrong – handing down items of sentimental value is meaningful and important. But the creation of a legacy, maybe even a tradition, seems so much more. It’s passing something on to the next generation, something of substance, something possibly useful for many.

Such an act, if it’s the custom we perpetuate en masse, would have a massive impact on our society. The fact that we as men would want to do such a thing, such a giving, selfless thing, would be indicative of a truly wealthy society, rich in concern for the wellbeing of others.

How would our society look and feel if we all took part in giving?

I have some items that were my parents, and items from older generations. They’re important to me even though they’re of no practical use. I think the proverb talks of bequeathing something useful, probably humble. It makes me question my hoarding of so many ‘things’ that I’ve thought of as markers describing major phases of my life, that are actually of little interest to my children, and are unlikely to be of interest when they get older. I need to cull my memorabilia back, big time.

Of course, I’ve also kept a massive scrapbook containing every noted achievement of my children, and every work of ‘art’! There are gems hidden amongst the attempts, and I guess I’ll sort through this some time. I rarely look at them – my children have no interest, so again, time to declutter.

…time to declutter…

Choosing an acceptable amount of memorabilia from my life and my kids life, plus the physical items to be passed on, is a relatively simple task.

Creating a useful legacy to benefit future generations – that’s a mission, something from the heart, my heart, your heart.

Have you benefited from an act of kindness from older generations?
What have you given that will benefit future generations?


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