When you gotta go, you gotta go.

In this age of viral videos, we get to have a laugh at a most intimate, innocent, hilarious, one off, loving moment.

You could say that this young fella has his own opinion of his Dad’s proposed proposal! Actually, the poor lad just couldn’t hold on any longer. Check out this video clip:

What a great memory.
For their wedding, and future. For the boy’s 21st!

Actually, what a wonderful moment, I hope. Assuming that their love is such that she is accepting of her man as a Dad. I hope that his love for his child is a priority part of their relationship as a couple. Given that the Dad chose to have his son present during his marriage proposal, this little accident could form a truly memorable aspect to an already memorable moment. The woman pictured may even be the lad’s Mum – I don’t know.

Have you or your kids had any moments like this?

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