State of the Nation – Ashamed

Children separated from Parents by U.S border forces – sound familiar Australia?

Donald Trump. Unbelievably, he’s the President of the USA, still the most powerful nation on Earth, by a very big margin – despite the rise of China. He’s a complete egoist – he treats treats self-interest as the foundation of his morality. He’s so obviously a moron. His life is a game which he wants to win at any cost. Winning for him is to simply be more famous than anyone else. Well, he’s clearly won. Congratulations! I wish he would accept this and now move on. His ego won’t let him.

Instead, his limitless power sees his careless decisions become law and action. No longer are these trivial and to be laughed off. There are plenty of BIG headlines about things like Trump providing dictators legitimacy. His international embarrassments seem to know no bounds, leading to the USA’s solitary stance economically, and straining relationships with traditional allies.

His extreme right wing support base seem to be salivating at the unethical views that he has been spewing forth since he won office. He’s now been in power long enough to see his morally unsound fascist policies become reality on the ground, impacting everyday Americans, and seeing those least able to resist targeted and attacked. His victims are wide and varied.

None more so than migrants and refugees it seems. The Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy sees criminal prosecution of immigrants, which then warrants the separating of parents and children at the southern border.

Recent news of the barbaric treatment of ‘criminal’ kids, children, literally pulled from the arms of migrant parents and then caged in concrete and wire portray Trump’s ignorant evil unthinking ways.

He then calls it ‘sad’. Sad! His supporters even call the news footage of these innocent victims of the USA’s foreign policy ‘child actors’! How unbelievably deluded they are. Ignorant, self-entitled fools, just like Trump himself.

I am all for the reinstatement of money for the space program as announced today, but when I then hear of Trump pouring money into space in order to establish a military presence in orbit, (another internationally illegal act), I despair. He says this straight after blaming the mistreatment and effective torture of immigrant children on the Southern border on the Democrats, because they’ve blocked his efforts to build his imbecilic border ‘wall’….more money to be wasted. All this while I hear from people I know who have recently been in the States, and they talk of the incredible tent cities in every major city – full of homeless, hopeless, everyday American families.

Of course, as Australians we should all be so proud – Trump’s Republican’s cite Australia’s immigration policy as world leading – and it is….if you view human rights abuses as something to be aspired to. I have been ashamed to be Australian on this topic for many years now.

How easy it is to see these types of things on the news, feel upset, but then get busy with our relatively comfortable lives. Doing something meaningful to help so often seems out of reach and difficult. After all, those kids are too far away, aren’t they? Move on, and forget – until the next atrocity comes along. Yes, thank goodness we’re OK….

‘Too many cameras and not enough food’.

You might ask what this is doing on this website – well, as a Dad, I am heartbroken at what I’ve seen and heard. Just imagine it. The absolute anguish one would feel at having your child taken from you. Under any circumstances, it’s just unthinkable. Yet Trump and his army of fascists are doing just that. With glee.

It’s just wrong. Evil.

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