Babies LOVE Dad’s that play Guitar! Getting your child to play music.

Yes it’s true. Babies DO LOVE Dad’s that play Guitar!

I used to do it, and got great emotional responses from my baby and toddler. Everything from sad to happy faces, crying to uncontrollable giggling to belly laughs. Add in some repetition and receive surprise participation too, with a banging head, clapping, and of course, bouncing.

Bouncing is where it’s at man – it’s what is missing from this adult life! Seriously. The next time one of your fave songs comes on, don’t dance, or tap your foot. Don’t do any sophisticated groove. Just bounce. You can bounce while sitting, or standing, or even lying down (remember how you made your baby in the first place?). Let go of your inhibitions – bounce like nobody’s watching. Just do it!

Bouncing is where it’s at man – it’s what is missing from this adult life! Seriously.

Hopefully your young one will sense the joy of making music, and take up playing a musical instrument. Maybe you will steer them that way…. Encourage them to stick with it, despite the hardships of practice and learning. You need to be committed too. Taking my lad to all those lessons and band rehearsals before and after school takes genuine commitment from you Dad. Oh yeah – when and where can they rehearse? That’s not the worst of it.

Wanna know the worst of it? You might think it’s when they grow up to join an all original hip hop / punk band with right wing lyrics. Actually that would be pretty bad… But no, the worst thing is – sitting through the entire schools various bands performing in concert / recital. They have so many. OMG, it’s a nightmare.

It’s one thing to be naturally enthusiastic about the performance of your child in whatever ensemble they’re in. You’re proud and supportive and can bear the cacophony of these budding musical protege’s as they murder yet another version of the same concert band song they’ve been playing for years. Your child is by far the best. Everybody should realise this and applaud accordingly.  But when there are a thousand school ensembles to get through, your ears and patience will wear thin. You will be tested, no doubt!

It takes hard work learn a musical instrument – and that’s just from the parents.

So yeah, get started early, and if you play a musical instrument, engage your youngster with the joy of playing music. You obviously love it and know the wonder it can bring, so why not pass that gift on. I even played Kind of Blue through headphones on my wife’s pregnant tummy. He’s now a damn amazing young drummer, even if I do say so myself :).

If you don’t play anything, that’s OK. You don’t have to be Bonham, Beethoven or a Beatle to get some pot’s and pans out and bang along (in time) to your fave tune, sing a Wiggles song, or play Rock-band on the PlayStation. Fill the air of your home with the varied music of the World if you can. Your kids will thank you for it, eventually, and you’ll have so much fun along the way.

Bounce, be silly with the music, have infectious musical fun with your kids for as long as you can. Form that unique musical bond. I’ve been lucky enough to make a career out of performing music during my life, and it was fantastic. Seeing my son now perform is different, but just as good. Music rocks.

What's your favourite song to play for or with your children?

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