State of the Nation – Ashamed

Children separated from Parents by U.S border forces - sound familiar Australia? Donald Trump. Unbelievably, he's the President of the USA, still the most powerful nation on Earth, by a very big margin - despite the rise of China. He's a complete egoist - he treats treats self-interest as the foundation of his morality. He's... Continue Reading →

Saying Bye to My Dad.

My inspiration, my hero, my saviour, my friend, my Dad. He told me lot's, but showed me so much more. This waiting vigil is the chance to say many things, engage in small talk, hopefully, expectantly looking for any sign of understanding. Most of the time is spent listening to Dad's laboured breathing, daring to... Continue Reading →

Celebrate the women in your world.

It's International Women's Day. The women in our world deserve our constant gratitude and recognition. Let's celebrate them every day. A lot of time will be spent applauding great achievers and leaders, and rightly so. But here's to all the ordinary unrecognised women doing extraordinary things! The media will laud female celebrities, some of whom... Continue Reading →

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