Definition of Dad in English:  

Dad – NOUN informal

  • One’s father. ‘his dad was with him’
  • As name: ‘Mum and Dad were thrilled’

Origin – Mid 16th century: perhaps imitative of a young child’s first syllables da, da.

Definition of -osity in English:

 -osity – SUFFIX

  • Forming nouns from adjectives ending in -ose (such as verbosity from verbose) and from adjectives ending in -ous (such as pomposity from pompous).

Origin – From French -osité or Latin -ositas. Pronunciation – osity – /ˈɒsɪti/

Definition of Father in English:

Father – NOUN

  • A man in relation to his child or children: ‘how like your father you are’ or ‘the art collection was bequeathed to him by his adoptive father’.
  • A male animal in relation to its offspring.
  • An important male figure in the origin and early history of something: ‘he’s held to be the father of abstract art’.
  • A man who provides care and protection: ‘the prince is widely regarded as the father of the nation’.
  • The oldest member or doyen of a society or other body.
  • (in Christian belief) the first person of the Trinity; God.
  • Used as a title of respect for an old and venerable man or for something personified as such a man: ‘Father Thames’.
  • (often as a title or form of address) a priest: ‘pray for me, father’.
  • Early Christian theologians (in particular of the first five centuries) whose writings are regarded as especially authoritative.

Father – VERB [with object]

Be the father of.

  • ‘he fathered three children’.
  • usually as the noun – fathering.
  • Treat with the protective care associated with a father: ‘the two males share the fathering of the cubs’.
  • Be the source or originator of: ‘a culture which has fathered half the popular music in the world’.
  • father someone/something on – Assign the paternity of a child or responsibility for a book, idea, or action to: ‘a collection of Irish stories was fathered on him’.
  • archaic – Appear as or admit that one is the father or originator of: ‘a singular letter from a lady, requesting I would father a novel of hers’.

Origin – Old English fæder, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch Vader, and German Vater, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin pater and Greek patēr.




The parent that takes the most shit. Sure, if you had a shitty father, then go ahead and bitch, but not all of us did. Some of us had great fathers, who really loved us, and weren’t assholes. Honestly, if you could see how much damage a mother could do to one’s self-esteem, you wouldn’t even place so much blame on “dear old dad”.

  • Dad: “Oh, nice. I spend all my life to raise a family, and buy them a house, and then my wife divorces me, and takes the house that I paid for, and my kids, so she can go off with some other man, and treat my own children like shit. But at least I got a tie for Fathers day, that makes up for everything”.


The true man in your life that is there for you. Your Dad may also be your Father but your Father may not be your Dad. Your Dad loves you, comforts you, supports you and helps you. Your Dad is someone that you should be able to respect (even if at times you don’t show it).

  • Child: “My birth Father is a man I could never respect. He was never there for me even though he could have been. The man my Mom later married was one of the nicest, most trustworthy and loving people I have ever known he is my true Dad.”


The often overlooked and underappreciated parental figure. Just because he didn’t give birth to you doesn’t mean he can’t love you the same, or more than a mother can. Also, whats up with the husband getting a 3000 dollar ring for the wife, on mothers day, and the wife getting the husband a 2 dollar tie for fathers day? Dads have it rough. Having to be placed in the deadbeat dad category whenever you screw up really sucks. (Although some dads really do suck big time, like those ones that just run off, and leave the mother with a pregnant baby, and take absolutely no responsibility at all). They suck.


The better parent.

The person you can always go to when your mom is being Hitler and complaining about you for not doing your part around the house while you actually do more than she does. He sits on the edge of your bed at night when he thinks you’re asleep and rubs your forehead. Someone who can whip your arse if you do something wrong, but doesn’t go overboard with punishment. He makes you a better person. The only name he will let you get tattooed on your body is his. The most amazing person in the world.

  • Child: “Dad, I love you.” Dad: “I love you too.”



If they have a daughter they become extremely dangerous around the time when their daughter starts dating. They tend to glare or attack any male within 20 feet of their daughter and then pretend it was an accident. Often times the mother will keep the father at bay when the daughter’s boyfriend comes around. Or hopefully she will, otherwise the daughter will have a boyfriend no more.

  • “Oh shit! It’s my father, hide.”


The guy who criticises everything you ever do; never admits he’s wrong in front of you. The guy who ejaculated into your mom, the human bank machine, the only straight guy who ever cares for you but never admits it.


Usually the one who can either be the awesome, legendary, kind, strong, perfect father that most American mother’s look for in their 30s and regret for leaving in their teens, or the bully that easily angers when you’re loafing around, say hurtful things, and was probably a player before he met your mom and helped birth you. For some strange reason, all the players are the ones who are brought into the family world first, leaving the gentlemen to fix the issues some woman have from their husbands. Doesn’t always happen that way, but you do see a lot of fathers ending up divorced because of their past habits.

  • “Margy’s true Father was a gentleman. He always opened the door for them, cared for them, and bought them anything they ever wanted. Then for some reason, Margy’s mom got bored and went with this other, more handsome, father who ended up abusing them and sleeping with other women. Margy’s mom became bitter towards other men because of this and wished that there was someone who would understand her. Of course, there was – the gentleman, who went back together with her and made it all seem as if it didn’t ever happen. Now that’s a true father.”



There aren’t any definitions for osity yet.

Definition sources

From Wikipedia:

“The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a descriptive dictionary of the English language, published by the Oxford University Press. It traces the historical development of the English language, providing a comprehensive resource to scholars and academic researchers, as well as describing usage in its many variations throughout the world.”

“Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases that was founded in 1999 as a parody of and by then-college freshmen. Anyone with either a Facebook or Gmail account can make a submission to the dictionary, and it has been stated that entries are reviewed by 20,000 volunteer editors.”

I’ve included both the formal Oxford and tongue in cheek Urban definitions to show you the similar definitions yet often different uses of the terms Dad and Father.
I think that they often have different connotations.
Osity is yet to be defined I guess…..


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