Rules of the Game

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Rules of the Game. How to comment and post.

When I was 12, long before the age of the internet, or even home computing, we read books. I had one I loved, called ‘Rules of the Game’. It was a large, hard covered textbook, with beautiful coloured illustrations. It contained the rules to about 100 of the Western worlds most popular sports. I loved it. I liked sports. I liked rules.

Moderating this blog. Making comments. The Rules.

This is a blog.

I invite your comments, insights, thoughts, examples. I’m sure that some people will be kind, and others cruel. I can’t and don’t wish to control your commentary, however, I do not wish to harm anyone in my comments, and I expect the same from anyone wanting to voice their opinion on this blog. I aim to moderate the blog quickly and fairly. For now, you can comment on posts, including leaving your own posts by commenting on the Good Dad Stuff page. (soon to come will be Contributor access).

I’m genuinely interested in ideas and other points of view, so please, comment away!

There are a number of tools that can and will stop certain comments and send them for review. Try to remember these few recommendations when making a comment:

Use Your Real Name Whenever Possible.

Using your real name goes a long way in gaining the trust of the blogger and shows that you aren’t trying to leave a spam or self-promoting comment.

No Link Dropping.

A blog comment is not your personal ad platform! Unless you’re linking to a report that backs up your statement, don’t drop a link in the comment itself, especially a link to one of your web pages.

Great Post!’ Doesn’t Cut It.

Nothing reeks of spam more than a comment like ‘great article’ or ‘very useful information.’ Sure, I’ll love a compliment about my writing, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you say. If all you can do is gush about how you’ve never come across a more interesting post, I may suspect that you’re just doing it for the link. Flattery alone tends to clog up the conversation.

Actually Read The Post.

This may seem like a fairly obvious thing to point out, but you’d be amazed at how many black hat SEO spammers leave comments that just parrot back the first sentence of the post. If you don’t want to read a 5-page blog post, at least skim for the main points and comment on those. The least you can do is actually bother to read the blog.

Contribute To The Conversation.

If you disagree, that’s great! Voice your opinion and say why you think that something is wrong (just try to be civil). If you think the blog post missed a few pointers, leave it in the comment section. Don’t just be a passive blog commenter and reiterate what has already been said. Lead the conversation.

Talk To The Other Commenters.

Blogs are inherently social in nature, which means you can interact with me as well as the other commenters. Start a dialogue with someone in the comments (as long as it stays relevant) instead of just leaving a general comment about the blog. Sometimes the back-and-forth in the comment section becomes more interesting than the blog post itself! (damnit)

Mind your manners, and check your Grammar. Please.

Even if you disagree with me or commenters, be polite. There is a line that can be crossed in the heat of a disagreement, and forceful, helpful comments become abuse. I’m no prude – profanities are a part of life and language, but if it is ever hurtful, your comment will be banned. Serial offenders will not be tolerated. Please, express your points of view, but treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Mind your damn manners.

Remember – If it feels wrong, it probably is.

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