Saying Bye to My Dad.

My inspiration, my hero, my saviour, my friend, my Dad. He told me lot's, but showed me so much more. This waiting vigil is the chance to say many things, engage in small talk, hopefully, expectantly looking for any sign of understanding. Most of the time is spent listening to Dad's laboured breathing, daring to... Continue Reading →

8 Wise sayings from everyday Dads.

These Dads passed on valuable lessons to their children. Maybe we can learn something from their words of wisdom. 8 Wise Sayings From Everyday Dads. By Erin McHugh from the book Like My Father Always Said ... Dave, father of Wendy “Before you speak: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” Dick, father of... Continue Reading →

Dadosity. Why?

This blog - Dadosity. Why? Hi. I’m Warren, although being Australian most folks have nicknames, often abbreviated, that are accepted norms for a friendly g’day.  So I am often called Waz, or Wazza, which I have grown to love. I’m a Dad. I am proud to be a Dad. I am very proud of my... Continue Reading →

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